Golden Creek Equine grew out of Kate Anderson’s passion for everything related to horses and the desire to help owners learn more about training, health, and behavior. After professionally training for several years, Kate recognized that the majority of training problems stemmed from a physical issue or confusion and fear. Once the physical problem was resolved, the horses became willing and easy to train. Now, she hopes to share her knowledge with horse owners to make horse training both more effective and safer.

Kate Anderson – Lead Trainer

Kate Anderson began training her own horses at ten years old and took numerous horses into the show arena with success. She learned to train by studying books, videos, observing at shows, experimenting, and riding with various trainers in different fields. While working on a degree in History from the University of Wyoming, Kate researched French horsemanship during the 17th and 18th centuries. After applying many of the methods she read about, Kate decided to follow the French horsemanship theory of lightness as her guiding principle. Now, she continues to study different methods of horsemanship, including French dressage, and horse care methods, with special interest in the musculoskeletal system.

Over the last several years, her interest grew to include the study of conformation as it relates to various disciplines, especially racing and dressage. She has developed a breeding program that strives to produce prospects with the conformation and disposition that makes them easy to train and sound for the long term. She has also pursued Thoroughbred racing by applying French dressage to the training of both active and retired racehorses.

Recently, Kate has ridden with the following:

Nicole Weinauge (Ecole de Legerete)
Larry Whitesell (Gaited Horse Trainer of the Year)
Julica Ruhrmann (Sitzkunnst)
JP Giacomini (Endotappping)
Clinton Anderson (Natural Horsemanship clinician)
Eitan Beth-Halachmy (founder, Cowboy Dressage)
Jack Brainard (NRHA Hall of Fame)
Manuel Trigo (Alta Escuela)
Stephanie Millham (Student of Nuno Oliveira)
Dean Smith (NCHA Hall of Fame)

Kate is also a certified EEBW (Equinology Equine Body Worker), which is a method of sports massage.