Hello to all! This week I would like to introduce the horses that will demonstrate Baucher’s training. We will bring in the odd horse to demonstrate specifics, but these boys are our focus. Please meet Socks, Vinny, and Dancer.

Flamboyant Socks “Socks” – 2013 Chestnut Thoroughbred Colt (Western Expression x Sara Sue)


I found Socks at the COTBA Silver Cup Yearling Auction at Arapahoe Park in Denver, CO. He was bred by Kirton Farms in Oklahoma. He was nervous, pranced the whole time, and almost flipped over as he ran backwards out of the sale ring. I had to have this colt. He has a giant, soft eye and a serious work ethic. The little guy just needed to learn about life. In the four months we have had him, he has gone on many walks around the property to learn to relax with new experiences. Now he marches into strange places with confidence and loves his workouts. He has no patience for basics and is honest about what he can do. He is a barn favorite!

Socks will race at Arapahoe this summer. Our goal is to have a successful, sound racing career and retire to stud and the dressage ring. We will see what he will do, but the colt loves to move. He is a real test for Baucher’s training on young, sensitive horses.

Vinny (registration pending) – 2012 Palomino Quarter Horse Stallion


Vinny was a surprise purchase when we were looking at yearlings at Diamond McNabb Ranch Horses. We were looking for yearling reining, cutting or roping prospects. Vin was living with their breeding stallions as a future breeding prospect. He turned once while playing with the big boys, and he also had to join the Baucher Experiment. He is short, stout, sweet, and simply to train. In only two months, Vin went from no handling to his first ride and completing all of the beginning in-hand work.

Vin will compete in cutting, reining and roping when he is ready. He is perhaps the sweetest horse on the property.

Acclaim A Dancer “Dancer” – 2001 Brown Thoroughbred Gelding


Dancer is my boy in every way. He was one of the original horses when we started the Baucher Experiment years ago. He was actually the reason for the experiment at all. I bought him in 2004 when he had just a few rides. Together, we have been across the country, competed, and performed demos for students. He knows natural horsemanship, western dressage, roping, reining, classical dressage, and he prefers Baucher. He had chronic back problems until he began elevating his head, at which point his pain vanished. Dancer is learning the advanced movements in Baucher’s training, so he needed to be included in the revived experiment.

Dancer will continue to be my personal horse. He enjoys learning new movements, especially if they involve collection.

Next post, we will start to look at conformation and the part it plays in performance and injury prevention. The boys will be good examples, along with some outside horses.

Until then, take care.