Golden Creek Equine offers training and rehabilitation. We evaluate your horse, consider your goals, and create a training plan according to their needs. We do recommend the owner to take a lesson at least twice per month while the horse is in training, so they can continue to help their horse progress after training. We can start young horses, prepare horses for specialized disciplines, improve performance, improve soundness, and enhance safety on the trail. While in training, your horse will enjoy turnout, consistent work, and continuous evaluation for optimal improvement. You will receive access to daily training notes, photos, and videos of your horse via email.

Training Fees:

    * Package 1: $675/mo. – 3 sessions/wk

    * Package 2: $750/mo. – 4 sessions/wk

    * Package 3: $875/mo. – 5 sessions/wk

    * Package 4: $1000/mo. – 6 sessions/wk

All packages include 2 sessions a month with owner, board, and hay.