The Baucher Experiment is back! We have made a lot of progressive with the training, understanding of the mechanics and physiology, and applications for performance and rehabilitation. Many changes have been made in both life and training. First, I was married a year ago. That inevitably changed how my time is spent and provided a new perspective. Suddenly, I no longer have an infinite amount of time to spend in the barn. This requires a more efficient method of training, which is something that our original adaptation of Baucherism was not. In the past two years, we have streamlined Baucherism into an efficient, effective training program that produces performance horses quickly and safely.

Another huge change was my physical well being. I shattered my tibial plateau, fractured my femur, and have significant soft tissue damage in my right knee. This struck me as incredibly ironic because Baucher also suffered from broken legs. He broke both of his, however, whereas I lucked out breaking just one. Either way, I am not as agile as I used to be, which also required some changes in training and handling horses. The horses must learn very early and quickly not to push during leading, to be light off the bit during in-hand work, and collect so as not to jostle my seat and leg. My broken leg also required me to take a step back from working all of the horses myself and learn to teach others how to work all of the horses I have in training. As much as I do not want to repeat it, my broken leg has been one of the best things for learning to teach and train better.

Finally, the Baucher Experiment has exploded in the area due to the effectiveness of the progression. I have students on gaited horses achieving quiet trail mounts with better gaits, a show jumping team with reliable horses and seats, roping horses that are reliable out of the box, and even racehorses with improved soundness. The Baucher Experiment has taken me to the Keeneland yearling auction looking at racing prospects for owners, to the backside of Santa Anita Racetrack, and even to my own group of talented riders and horses coming up in a wide variety of disciplines and breeds. It has been a fun couple of years!

Now, the Baucher Experiment is taking horses into the jumping arena, roping arena, racetrack, and onto the trails. Watch as we follow several horses and discuss their progress. As we did previously, we will also keep you updated on the research behind the training. We have many exciting updates on proprioception, use of the aids, neurology, muscle activity, mechanics, and much more!